Is Life Meaningless?





Life is a journey!

Ecclesiastes Series - Picture 2From cradle to our grave, we fill our lives up with things. Things that in the end are meaningless.
Along the way, we have many questions. Some of us try to stay amused to the point where we just laugh our way through life, never really confronting its many pains and frustrations. Such attempts turn out to be in vain. Others are daily awareness of injustice, oppression and the cruel realities of our world.
Whether young or old, there is a point when we must ask what life is really about. Is it a journey with God going somewhere? Or an empty straining through nothingness really going nowhere?
Ecclesiastes Series - Picture 1Faced with the cruel realities of this life – we can’t help but ponder, “Does my life have any meaning?”
We will be journeying through the book of Ecclesiastes – pressing us into the deepest questions about life and God. Join us on this journey that is sure to change your life, or at least push you to ask like the author of Ecclesiastes, “What does man gain by all the toil at which he toils under the sun?”




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Intro: "Is life meaningless?
Ecc. 1:1-11
SEPT. 15
"It just doesn't cut it"
Ecc. 1:12-2:17
SEPT. 22
"Meaninglessness of work"
Ecc. 2:18-26
OCT. 6
"For everything there is a season"
Ecc. 3:1-15
OCT. 13
"Dead man walking"
Ecc. 3:16-22
OCT. 20
Ecc. 4:1-16
OCT. 27
"Who do we worship"
Ecc. 5:1-7
NOV. 3
"Get rich and die trying"
Ecc. 5:8-6:12
NOV. 10
"Pain and paradox"
Ecc. 7:1-14
NOV. 17
"Learning through paradox"
Ecc. 7:15-29
NOV. 24
"Searching to find what you cannot know"
Ecc. 8:1-17
DEC. 1
"Eat and drink with a merry heart"
Ecc. 9:1-10:20
DEC. 29
"Life without God"
Ecc. 11:1-10
JAN. 5
"Fear God... always!"
Ecc. 12:1-14


Ecclesiastes Series - Picture 5


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